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All4 apk or link address in Aura... Netflix ideas

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    Anyone tried digging out the All4 / Channel 4 app ?.

    Long story in Channel 4 not issuing the Android TV box app. I see it's arrived in Aura form and wonder whether it's useable on Android TV boxes such as the Shield Nvidia that I got. Can't get Freeview here or HD com 7 / 8 so Aura in any case is no good for me.

    As back scratching the Netflix version on the Shield is 8.1.1 build 3813.3813. On the Shield that's loaded as system. Package address

    Anybody interested can poke about with this stuff by side loading the Aurora Store (nothing to do with Aura box). That liberates you from the Google login and you spoof devices and locations. Would be interested to know how it sees the Aura as the default device. Top list device code mine says Nvidia - API 28 under spoofing.

    Software here, pick first one:

    Then the All4 / Channel 4 index name of the app if you see it on the My Apps list, toggle to show system apps as well. Toogle off.

    You could try spoofing to Android Nvidia TV. Come out of app, back in and search the Netflix app in search bar. You never know it might work.

    Back to my issue, return back to the default profile of the box and search for all4 or channel for and read off the package name. Mine is com.nvidia.bbciplayer didn't appear on my search list so if All4 or Channel 4 is missing on the list, may be here if searched for.

    Failing all of that I might need the export device info for the Aura box from the software to give mine the same profile. Basically I think that will enable me to spoof Google to think I've got the box, same as I told you how to access the Android TV ones namely Shield Android TV search for Netflix.

    Could be barking up the wrong tree.

    Any takers. Suspect Graham can raise to the occasion from the old HDR board. I can research how to import Aura default profile if you tell me what it is. Plus the index code to the all4 channel 4 package if identified... other than that I just gave you a tutorial on the Aurora Store app which is very useful. The Yalp Store branch has its uses as well plus Aptoide TV. Think Aurora Store is best for this. Cross between too many stores and you can get confused ;).

    | Sun 14 Feb 2021 14:36:21 #1 |
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    The Yalp Store modified one that I find useful is this


    This one


    with a VPN the pair will dig out apps that are otherwise not available locally if you know the name of the broadcaster.

    | Sun 14 Feb 2021 21:26:06 #2 |
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    Actually there is a bit of a solution to the portrait mode of sideliaded app, that the fixed rotation software

    I have a Bluetooth little keyboard that comes in handy at times, swapping to that you can navigate the screen in portrait mode then it auto swaps to landscspe. Don't know whether the Humax that keyboard option, Nvidia does.

    Then you got this app that puts a sideliaded icon up on the app bar... works on some but not some recent including all4

    but you guys have that.

    Works with the Virgin Media Irish TV app.

    Demo in this video plus a second method I've yet to try out on the new app

    Fix it it you find you can't find a proper TV app but only the mobile ones.

    Still like to hear experience of store I first mentioned on the Aura. It's parameters etc as picked up.

    | Wed 17 Feb 2021 12:32:53 #3 |
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    When I answer my own questions I generally know I'm ahead on something:).

    The Freeview Play spec is covered in here:

    So apps for these boxes need Freeview modules

    This application requires a compatible Freeview Play device, please see for more details.

    In order to function properly, this application requires additional components to be installed.
    The following components are required: "MDS Client", "FVP Config Authority" & "TIF Bridge" from Freeview, these all come as part of your Freeview Play TV.

    So Freeview apps for TV Android won't work without some form of modding on general purpose TV Android boxes such as the Nvidia Shield.

    On side loading for TV Android of mobile apps the web site produces a small launch program of the "leanback" Apk. Just puts it on thr main menu.

    Is the best with rotation on forced auto with the app I mentioned above, toggle to autoload on bootup ... keyboard useful. Best one can do with All4 at the minute till they stop being difficult with their customer base.

    The other apps I mentioned for the Google store provide ways to upload and maintain side loaded up or genuine TV Android apps that can be found by using a VPN and anonymous login. Eg. RTE Tv Android app and a whole load from across the world.

    Happy hunting.

    | Sat 20 Feb 2021 0:36:25 #4 |

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