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Another little 5000T oddie

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    Tonight at about 1825, I checked the BBC1 HD EPG and noted that Repair Shop was listed for 1830. However it did not show on the schedule.

    So, to make sure of a recording, I programmed the same thing for BBC1 SD. However, come the time, both started.

    I wonder why it didn't show on the schedule.

    | Sat 17 Sep 2022 18:58:44 #1 |
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    I think all the last minute changes being made to the broadcast schedules after the Queen's death have shown how poorly the 5000T responds to EPG updates. Last week I was cursing the BBC for updating their website but not the EPG. That is until I looked at my TV's EPG and found it to be completely correct.

    Looking into this a bit more I found that the 5000T retains the EPG in standby and is quite happy to restore out of data info when turned on again. I had always assumed that coming out of standby would cause a complete refresh of the EPG but that is not the case.

    As an experiment I tried bringing it out of standby with the aerial unplugged, which obviously would have to give a blank EPG, but no, it was still there in entirety, the full 8 days!

    The only way I can see to get a fresh version of the EPG is to do a complete mains power off restart.

    | Sat 17 Sep 2022 19:43:37 #2 |
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    It's not just Humax having problems, my normally rock solid Panasonic has had its knickers in a twist a couple of times trying to record Emmerdale and Corro earlier in the week.

    | Sun 18 Sep 2022 0:13:42 #3 |
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    Although current events are testing the scheduling of recordings, the problem of scheduled series link items vanishing from the list has happened before with the 5000T. Occasionally I have had such timer settings vanish. I can't re-enter the timer because one exists, the Humax just isn't showing it. Cancelling the series link and re-entering it usually works. If I forget it often, but not always, records anyway. One of the many problems with the 5000T that ought to have been corrected by now.

    | Sun 18 Sep 2022 8:08:04 #4 |

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