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Aura lost access to FreeView TV

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    My Aura, about two years old in service from new, will no longer run the FreeView apps, live TV, iPlayer, ITVx, etc, though it is quite happy to play YouTube and Prime Video.

    Selecting the Live TV app simply returns me to the menu. Selecting iPlayer, and ITVx, etc, I get Code FVP-01-003, with the request to "Accept the manufacturers terms ...", which, if I select the "Terms and Conditions" button I get a "Whoops, that didn't work" FVP-07-034 error page.

    To make matters worse, I cannot select any of the 'Freeview' setting menus, so I cannot get to "Channel & Broadcast" to do a re-scan of the channels. I can select other Setting menus like Network, etc.

    The aerial is connected and working because I am using it as a pass-through to receive signal to TV aerial input.

    This follows on from a 'Factory Reset' in a desperate attempt to fix.

    It's like my box has lost all rights to access UK terrestrial TV.

    Has anyone else seen anything like this? Suggestions welcome

    | Sat 20 Apr 2024 20:05:40 #1 |
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    Unless this was also you it is not a unique issue, have you tried contacting Humax? which side of 2 years is "about", if registered you got a 2 year guarantee from them if they cannot give you a cure try asking for a replacement.

    | Sun 21 Apr 2024 1:30:37 #2 |
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    Thank you trog for the link to the post in the forums. This wasn't me, but I have got further than they did, so here are some details for the community should anyone else suffer the same problem.

    The Hard Drive had died.

    My Aura was the wrong side of the 2 year warranty, but I did still contact Humax CS. Their final suggestion was to reformat the hard drive, and it was at that point I realised I couldn't even see it in the 'Storage' menu to reformat it, so it was most likely dead. Bit disappointed that Humax CS didn't have a check for this in their troubleshooting script, would have saved us both time.

    There was one other symptom - the power off button no longer went to 'Stand-by' mode. The indicator light on the front of the box remained blue even when the 'power button' on the box is pressed. The box would drop the hold over the HDMI as the televisions changeed input automatically, as if it had gone to Stand-by, but the light remained the same intensity of blue.

    I've swapped the drive out and the FreeView features are now available again, as is the Stand-by mode. The Aura handles reformatting the drive when it is first seen.

    The authentication tokens for the Aura and FreeView 'Terms of Service' must be saved to the hard drive, and not the nvRam, and this is why the FreeView features had disappeared.

    The original hard drive DOM was Dec 2020, a Seagate ST2000VT000 1RE174-500.

    | Tue 14 May 2024 19:44:55 #3 |

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