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Black screen problem

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  1. Geoff_W


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    I'm having difficulties working out which device in my setup is causing my TV to go black (no video but sound continues).

    My Aura and a Sony UHD Bluray are plugged into a Marantz NR-1711 AV amp and the AV is connected to an LG OLED48C24 TV (eARC). All connections are via certified HDMI 2.1 cables capable of 8k video.

    Every few days whilst watching TV through the Aura, the screen blacks out and the TV reverts to showing its screen saver. As stated above, the sound continues normally. If I turn off the Aura and switch it back on the picture is restored. On rare occasions I have seen a message which states, "The programme cannot be viewed via HDMI connection because your TV does not support digital content protection (HDCP)." This is patently not the case. Once when I got this message, I had to switch everything off, disconnect and reconnect all the HDMI cables before the error cleared itself.

    I assume the HDCP error message is coming from the Aura, but it's not easy to work out which device is at fault, never mind how to cure it.

    Any ideas, folks?

    | Thu 25 May 2023 12:41:51 #1 |
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    Mine does this occasionally it's a case of unplug everything and re plug in that seems to sort it

    | Thu 25 May 2023 16:53:19 #2 |

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