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BT Sport app and Dolby Atmos

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    I don’t suppose anyone is using the BT Sport App with a Dolby Atmos enabled sounbar? I am currently watching the footie just now and my Sonos App states that the sound is PCM stereo. However, if I reboot the Aura and then the BT sport App it correctly outputs Dolby Atmos. I wonder why this only works if I do a reboot?

    | Sat 12 Feb 2022 13:37:05 #1 |
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    Btsport doesn't work satisfactorily for me at all. If a recording is watched from the start it's fine but any ffwd or pause then it stutters so much it's unwatchable. Same if I cast to the box. My Google TV dongle and casting to chromecast on the same network are perfect. I've a funny feeling my broadband has an incompatibility since I upgraded to 500mbps (but my Google mesh is unchanged?).

    | Sat 19 Feb 2022 11:15:10 #2 |

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