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continue watching after checking news headlines

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    I tend to watch the oldest recordings, but if I want to say, check the news headlines, how do I return to my program without the hassle of skipping through all the recordings again?

    Sat 16 May 2020 9:06:26 #1 |
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    error. Misunderstood question

    Sat 16 May 2020 9:13:51 #2 |
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    When you switch to a new channel the time shift buffer holding live TV start is reset. If you press the instant record button you will create a recording from the current start of the buffer. This will be the start of the current programme if you were watching when it started. You only need to do this if it's a current recording

    Switch to the channel you want to check the news on. When you want to go back to the programme. Press recordings. Top of the list will a ongoing recording of the programme you want to pick up. Play it back as usual (chasing playback).

    Press OK - If the current location isn't blue press up so it is. repeatedly Use the right button to the right of OK to skip forward in 2 mins steps to get back to where you want to be. If the programme contains ads you can also skip these using the same technique. If you regulary need to do this.

    For older recordings simply watch it as normal. When you want to check another channel simply pause the recording. Switch to the channel you want to use for a short period and then press recordings. The one you were watching will stay at the same point. To resume playback press record. Highlight the recording if no already selected and press the play button to resume playback from the same point

    Sat 16 May 2020 10:26:55 #3 |
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    Top picks/ok
    Scroll across to Recordings
    Scroll down then across to Continue Watching
    Select the recording you want to continue and press OK.

    Sat 16 May 2020 17:22:33 #4 |
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    I, like the OP, watch old recordings and also like to be able
    to interrupt the recording to watch news or other live TV for a few
    minutes and then return to my old recorded programme.

    The SSThing steps work, although being long winded compared with my
    old Panasonic box which simply requires hitting stop, (it goes to live
    TV), then play, (it resumes playing my recording).

    However, I have a further requirement... how to delete the recorded
    programme after having resumed it using the SSThing steps. Is there
    a way to delete the recording other than going back to the recordings
    menu and scrolling through all the programmes to find the programme
    and deleting it from there?


    Mon 29 Jun 2020 1:09:19 #5 |

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