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Copying DVD's to Second USB HDD on HD Fox-T2

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    from July. I'm not a complete computer novice but what ability I do have is based on being able to read a set of instructions. So please bare with me if what I'm asking is obvious to those in the know. I need to be able to record from an external source to the HDD. The need arises from a relative who is overseas until next March , a Slingbox and a certain satellite company. I understand from posts elsewhere on this forum that the HD Fox-T2 is not capable of recording from an external source via e.g. the Scart sockets so I have thought about the following option. I would be grateful for someone's advice on it even if it is to point out an existing post that provides an answer.

    The option I've identified is to purchase a second USB HDD (and presumable a USB Hub or splitter) and format it, using a PC, as either FAT32 or NTFS since only one HDD can be used for recording from the Fox itself. Alternatively the supplementary guide from October 2010 states that if you plug an HDD into the Fox for the first time it will be formatted to include recording. Can you have two HDD's formatted in this way with the Fox choosing which is the "primary"? The next step would be to copy the intended programmes from that satellite company's product to a DVD. Put the DVD into a computer drive, plug in the newly acquired and formatted USB HDD and copy the video programmes to it. The DVD is recorded on a Sony RDR-HXD870. The file system used is UDF. Again is this a common video file type? Finally plug the HDD back into the Fox and view.

    Presumably this is too simple to work. Do I need a copy of, as I have read elsewhere, a Linux live cd with Ubuntu to copy the DVD to the HDD?

    A possible alternative method could be to somehow convert the analogue RF output from the satellite box (RF2 socket), combine it with the roof aerial co-ax' down lead and feed that to the Fox aerial-in socket. There would need to be some manual tuning to pick up the feed. From what I read (or not read) on the internet this is either not possible or really expensive.

    If the Fox was Top-up TV compliant then that might have made things more straight forward i.e. no need for all this.

    I'd be grateful for any suggestions/advice


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