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Coronation Street failed to record on Monday

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    Martin Liddle

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    Sorry to be late reporting this but I have had other things on my mind. We have a series recording for Coronation Street on ITV and on Monday it failed to record. My initial thought was that I had managed to delete the Series recording but when I checked the schedule the future recordings were correctly scheduled and so far have recorded without any intervention. I also had Coronation Street set to record on the FVP-5000T which is fed from the same aerial via a splitter and that recorded correctly demonstrating there was no local problem with the transmitter. I have had a nagging feeling for a while that the Aura may very occasionally miss a recording but this was the first time where I have reasonable proof that it it did miss the recording for no obvious reason. Has anyone else seen similar problems?

    | Thu 16 Dec 2021 18:45:48 #1 |
  2. Biggles


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    Hi Martin, you are not alone. On Monday evening there was a short (5 minutes I think) delay to the start of Emmerdale which I'm guessing caused the potential failure to record both Emmerdale and Corro for me, the delay was caused by some political reply message. My Panasonic recorder has a series link set for both programmes but at about 18:30 Monday evening I noticed the programmes were not marked to record in the EPG, like you all subsequent episodes were marked to record for the length of the EPG. I rang my partner who confirmed her 9300 was showing the same as my Panasonic, she receives from Waltham and myself from Nottingham (Kimberley a satellite of Waltham). Mid way through Emmerdale (which was not recording) I deleted the reservations for both programmes from the schedule and remade the series links from Tuesday's episodes, that back marked Monday's episodes in the EPG and Emmerdale immediately started recording followed by Corro recording normally.

    | Thu 16 Dec 2021 20:38:14 #2 |
  3. Biggles


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    Finger trouble, post deleted.

    | Thu 16 Dec 2021 20:42:13 #3 |
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    I had the same issue on Monday with Coronation Street too. I wondered if they had changed the CRID as they are pushing it out every day this week, so I deleted my reservation and put it in again.

    So far, all is OK. This is the first recording the AURA has missed for me since I have got it.

    | Fri 17 Dec 2021 11:10:53 #4 |
  5. Geoff_W


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    I seem to recall that BBC One's "You Don't Know Me" started to record about 10 minutes late, but recorded properly. When played back, the announcer apologised and said, "... a little later than advertised..."

    So my Aura coped with this small delay.

    | Fri 17 Dec 2021 12:58:27 #5 |
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    On the flip side stuff that never recorded properly on BBC4 on my 4000 now records fine. Corrie recoded fine for us BTW.

    | Sat 18 Dec 2021 12:00:53 #6 |

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