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Deleting not working via the app

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    I've been seeing this problem for a few months now.

    When I try and delete a recorded programme from the app, it never gets deleted from the box. The programme momentarily disappears from the app, but then reappears, with the 'delete' button missing. Deleting directly from the box works fine.

    I can remotely set up programmes to record and this gets pushed to the box fine.

    I have tried the following, all to no avail:
    - Deleting the app from my phone and re-registering it
    - Registering a different phone (same problem on that phone too)
    - Registering a new account with Freesat with a different email address
    - Installing an older firmware version
    - Factory reset
    - Factory reset, including deleting all recordings

    Not really sure what else I can try to be honest! It looks like what needs to happen is Freesat need to completely remove all trace of my box on their servers, to reset everything, but not sure I could ever get that to happen.

    Does anybody have any ideas on how I could get the remote delete function back?

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