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Foxsat HDR - Tuner/Signal Issue - Fixed!

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  1. grahamlthompson


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    Alexpearce I think you have fallen foul of the recent botched change of the forward error settings on the BBC-HD channels that royally screwed up the newer G2 boxes.

    You Foxsat-HDR should have been immune, but only if if you do put your Foxsat-HDR in standby overnight. This box wakes up overnightto download these sort of changes (housekeeping boot). If you don't put the box in sby every night your problems were self inflicted. I remember Repassac didn't boot his G2 box till after Freesat corrected the problem so never saw the issue. As I leave my Foxsat-HDR in low power sby every night it it had no issues but my G2 box reported no signal. It was the fact that my Foxsat-HDR had no issues lead to the reason for the problem. Well reported on here.

    There was nothing basically wrong with your Foxsat-HDR other than the fact it missed the required transponder database update.

    Is your Foxsat-HDR put in sby overnight ? If not why not ?

    If it's not you will lose channels that move transponder progressively

    Wed 21 Nov 2018 21:08:01 #11 |
  2. andyfras


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    Troubledshooter - 22 hours ago  » I followed the advice above regarding the disconnect of the HHD with no effect whatsoever, so I'm back to square one as I know of nobody who repairs Humax Freesat HDR's and have found no one who seems to know much about them.

    I've replaced the PSU capacitors on several of these. They can often fail without showing any sign of bulging.

    Thu 22 Nov 2018 15:39:38 #12 |

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