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Frame Skipping in BBC iPlayer and ITVX

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  1. davidrew


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    Apart from the odd annoying niggle I can live with I have one which I haven’t been able to fix, or workaround, so I’m looking for some guidance and also if anyone else is seeing the same issue. I’ll try and keep this as brief as possible.

    When I use iPlayer or ITVX the picture periodically stutters, like it skips a frame or two. This is on standard content, HD and UHD (iPlayer only). The Channel 4, My5, VLC and YouTube players seem to work fine. The adverts on ITVX also do not exhibit the issue.

    BBC iPlayer works fine on the native TV (Panasonic) built-in app, but the TV is not compatible with ITVX. There are also no issues with iPlayer and ITVX using PC’s or iPads.

    I have ripped my whole Aura Video, HDMI, and network configurations to pieces to see what maybe causing it but with no success.

    It is not internet buffering as I have a 200Mb symmetrical connection and the router is configured to eliminate any potential buffer bloat.

    Tried so far:

    > Removed my Yamaha Receiver from the loop and connected Aura direct to the TV. The receiver is 4K compatible.

    > Tried a new HDMI 4K badged cable direct connected to the TV.

    > Left all the Video settings to Auto and probably tried every combination in between.

    > Aura is hard wired to the network. Switch is managed and is showing no errors on the port. Also tried wireless and directly connecting to a spare router switch port.

    > Set-up a spare factory defaulted Aura I don’t use at the moment directly HDMI connected, still the same. – Probably not hardware then.

    > Separately tested both the one I use, and the spare connected directly to a 1080p HP computer monitor, still the same issue at 50 or 60 Hz. - Not the TV then.

    The only conclusions I have, so far, is an issue with the Aura versions of the iPlayer and ITVX apps and/or that the Aura’s upscaling (which can’t be turned off) is doing something weird.

    Any experiences and ideas appreciated.

    | Wed 26 Jul 2023 11:56:03 #1 |
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    Same issue here.

    | Wed 26 Jul 2023 18:21:02 #2 |

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