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France 24 App Videos won’t play

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    I have just purchased a Humax Aura UHD Recorder – 2TB. It will not play France 24 App videos, e.g. ‘Latest bulletins’ such as the News Summary. However, it will load and play the France 24 App Live International News. Freeview channels and all other Apps such as YouTube, BBC iPlayer, ITV X etc. work fine too. Also, I have no problems with the France 24 App on my other Chromecast devices – everything works fine.

    Humax Support suggested using the Freeview play service (?) and if that failed do a Factory Reset. I did a Factory Reset and on completion, all France 24 App content played ok? However, since putting it on standby and then switching it back on, it’s back to square one – the France 24 App plays the Live International News ok but not any other content.

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