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FVP 4000T 500gb rf input connection poor

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    ancell - 15 hours ago  » 
    The antenna is a factory fitted unit to my 3 year old all plastic UK built 3 year old Swift caravan.
    In previous years this site was incapable of getting a usable predigital terrestial picture.
    I always used a 60cm cheap Sky dish and my Humax twin tuner Freesat box using cheap Sky quad LNB.
    Thanks to new satellite I can use a 40cm Sky dish in Thurso and still get a good signal.
    I think the Humax rf unit centre connection spread due to the constant plugging and unplugging as the box is set up and dismantled every time I use it on holiday.
    Being retired we tend to use the caravan most of the summer-but-not this year.

    Make a coax patch cable with a male belling lee on one end and female in the other. Secure the male in the box. Connect and disconnect from the socket on the cable end. If that fails simmply replace the female connector. F connections are much more reliable than the ancient Belling Lee ones.

    | Thu 10 Sep 2020 13:32:16 #11 |
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    I agree.
    Now moved to Aberfeldy Caravan Park where the nearest transmitter is 4.1 miles away-Grandtully-even worse reception than Brora!
    The good news is I am now certain the problem lies not with the Humax box but with poor terrestial reception.
    I will get out my Humax Freesat twin tuner tomorrow-if the rain forecast is wrong-or-probably read either Jason Platos How Not to be a Professional Racing Driver or TM Devine The Scottish Clearances.
    The only books in the caravan.
    Many thanks for the help and support-great forum-great boxes-in my opinion

    | Thu 10 Sep 2020 22:49:54 #12 |

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