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FVP-5000T. I'm well annoyed!

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    I contacted Humax to voice my displeasure and was assured they were not aware of the new model in August. The CS rep also added this:

    "The FVP-5000T runs similar software to the FVP-4000T and once we have had the FVP-5000T released for a while and the software monitored we will be releasing the same software to our 4000T models. We do not have a date for this yet."

    | Thu 28 Sep 2017 9:49:00 #11 |
  2. Barry


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    A bit of miscommunication I feel, this is the very latest info I have from Humax Towers...

    Nothing has yet been confirmed in terms of a possible software upgrade to the FVP 4000T, if and when that changes I’ll update you all soonest.

    | Thu 28 Sep 2017 12:02:43 #12 |
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    Harters - 8 hours ago  » 
    From what I have seen so far from the pictures they haven’t improved the format of the recording list and the layout of the recordings seem to show less than before, I can only see a list of 8 displayed, but I understand you can still view them as a grid which I prefer.

    I agree, that list view, with unnecessarily large channel idents, is even worse than the grid.
    There is no point removing the useless screen grabs and then not utilising the space that's left. I would've expected there to be two rows of recordings with at least 20 items per page.

    Why does Humax keep getting basics like this so wrong?

    | Thu 28 Sep 2017 16:55:37 #13 |
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    I'm not familiar with the 4000T UI, but I had occasion to use an EE box recently. The UI on that is terrible, and slow, and makes me think that on my 1000S is a gem.

    | Fri 29 Sep 2017 13:54:07 #14 |

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