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FVP4000T Picture Loss but sound remains

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    I have a Samsung UE48JU6000 48in 4k TV connected to HUMAX FVP-4000T

    Signal Strength 80% give or take a few %
    Signal Quality 100%

    Tested two set ups, currently aerial to Humax to DVD player to TV; DVD and Humax both connected via HDMI. Also tried setup without DVD recorder so Aerial to Humax to TV.

    The problem that occurs is loss of picture but sound remains.
    Turn unit off and back on, still same problem. Reset back to factory default and picture comes back. I sent one so called “refurb” box back to the retailer for exactly the same problem.
    Also Picture loss on recorded programs but after reset the picture comes back.
    Any suggestions – any further settings required on TV or Humax?
    I have turned off HDMI-CEC and trying Automatic Power Down to Off.
    Plugged HDMI into another HDMI socket – HDMI sockets work perfect with DVD recorder and Humax freesat+ box.

    | Thu 8 Dec 2016 10:45:09 #1 |
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    Hi GSN,

    I have heard that sometimes for this problem if you alter the resolution on the HDMI, say for example its on 1080p try it on 720p this may cure it.
    If you still get this problem try it through RCA connection or if possible try it on a different TV, then you will know if this box as a problem.

    | Thu 8 Dec 2016 11:21:57 #2 |
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    It's going to be another handshaking problem.

    The older humax products had an 'info' button so you could see what was going on, they also had a 'v-format' button so you could easily toggle through different screen resolutions and cause the TV to re-establish the connection/handshake.

    The new remote has a '+' button which is a sort of 'opt+, but there's no way you're going to be able to get to toggle screen resolution with a blank screen! The fvp4000t remote and software is a complete mishmash and defies belief at times.

    Make sure you're on the latest software for humax and samsung. Double check resolution set to 1080p on the humax, no idea if you can force 1080p for the hdmi input on the TV. I'd have thought switching between live active hdmi inputs with the remote, i.e. humax - DVD - humax would re-establish the handshake/connection, but I'm sure you've already tried that. Try dropping the resolution on the humax to 1080i or 720p and if that helps consider the hdmi lead may not be 100%

    p.s. use the 'info' button on the samsung remote, even with a blank screen that might indicate what resolution the humax is at

    | Thu 8 Dec 2016 11:22:41 #3 |
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    Thank you both bill63 and damian for your quick replies, much appreciated. The Humax does have the latest software version UKTFAE 1.01.49
    I have tried two different HDMI cables, one of which is Panasonic branded and was suppose to be of high quality.
    I will adjust the resolution down to 720p and will see if the problem reoccurs.
    Again, thank you both for your suggestions, it is greatly appreciated

    | Thu 8 Dec 2016 11:47:50 #4 |

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