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FVP5000T search does not find program

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    SSThing - 2 mins ago  » 
    If you begin a search and enter "FL" you will see a list of suggestions appear. If you type in "FLO" you will get the suggestions and the option to "search by FLO" (I am only using caps for clarity.
    The "search by" option only appears when the search string contains three or more characters.

    Mine and the OPs boxes stopped working. Backwards epg also stopped working.

    Searching for programmes known to be in the epg, returned nothing.

    Clearing the cookies brought back the backwards epg but not the search.

    Getting the search back working needed the box power removing and restoring (power cycle) to make search work again

    | Mon 28 Sep 2020 16:08:28 #31 |
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    There's something funny going on. the other day I noticed both my 4000T and 5000T boxes would only return successful searches on "Broadcast" programmes, ignoring any "On Demand" programmes that already existed. After disconnecting the power supply for a few seconds and then booting up again the full search facility has now returned...

    | Fri 16 Oct 2020 13:43:59 #32 |

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