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HDR 1100S upsetting my new Enigma 2 machine

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    Before you all start shouting "Boo Traitor" I'll apologise in advance, but the Enigma Machine is not a replacement for our Humax it's a replacement for Sky.

    I don't like the things I've read about the Arris Freesat Box, so I bought a Mutant HD51 Enigma 2 box with 1TB hard drive. I like the fact that you have hundreds of configuration options, you can really make these boxes your own.

    My problem is that the Humax doesn't get on with the Mutant, when they are both connected to the 4 standard ports on my Sky Hybrid LNB the Mutant looses loads of channels (including the one that sends the data to the EPG).

    If I remove the cable from input 2 on the Humax all is OK on the Mutant. I have tried swapping the cables around (in case it was a fault on the LNB) but any cable from any port on the LNB causes the problem.

    I wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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