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HDR1000S and One for all remote

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  1. paulrichardson


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    Hi Guys,

    I would like to control my Humax with my One for all (URC-6430) remote.

    I cannot get it to work, has anyone achieved this, if so can you remember which of the 4 digit codes you used.

    I've been trying for days, with no success.



    Sun 9 Dec 2018 18:43:19 #1 |
  2. Luke


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    Its possible that the One For All (URC-6430) remote only has the codes for Humax mode 1.
    Although the HDR-1000S comes initial set to mode 1 it is also possible that the original owner changed both the HDR-1000S and the remote to work on a different mode.
    Another possibility is that you changed the mode when you installed your Foxsat HD box so that their remotes did not clash.

    Have a look at and using the original remote ensure that the HDR-1000S is set to use mode 1 and then have another go at setting up the One For All (URC-6430) remote.


    paulrichardson - 23 minutes ago  » 
    which of the 4 digit codes

    There are two versions of the 6430 but for both the 'One For All' website gives 2443 for the HDR-1000S.

    Sun 9 Dec 2018 18:56:38 #2 |
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    As Luke has written you need the 2443 for the 1000s. The blurb for your model states the following - (HD)TV, Projector, LCD TV, Plasma, SAT/CABLE/ DVB-T, Freeview, IPTV, DVD, Blu-ray, and many more

    Whilst it mentions sat, I don't think it will run the 1000s.

    Mon 10 Dec 2018 0:05:11 #3 |
  4. paulrichardson


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    Hi Luke and Faust,

    Many thanks to you both for the advice.

    All working now, changed the HDR mode and entered 2443 onto the One for all.

    Thanks again.



    I am also able to control my Sky box with the same remote. I used the device copy function to make a second PVR button.

    Mon 10 Dec 2018 18:30:27 #4 |

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