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HDR1000,won't record & says there are no recording

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    My HDR1000S won't record,says there are no recordings & will not pause TV.(message:'The function does not workwhile retrieving data for time shift buffer.Try again in a few seconds'is displayed.Resetting to factory settings did not help.I've looked at the hard drive and the disc is not rotating.The fan is not working.The fan has 3 wires and I can only measure about 3 volts between any pair.Why 3 connections to this?Should the fan run all the time?
    I don't want to replace the hard drive if there is a more fundamental fault.

    Wed 19 Dec 2018 21:57:55 #1 |
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    The fan is smart controlled depending on HDD reporting temperature and only runs when needed so not really any help.

    First disconnect the hard drive power and data connections. If the box now boots as a non recording box. chances are the HDD is the issue.

    Wed 19 Dec 2018 22:21:30 #2 |
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    I am now on my THIRD Humax Freesat box in about six years. The original gave up after 18 months, the HDR1000 lasted two years and the HDD failed.I am now on number three and its just over 18 months old and is now doing weird things, change channel can take an age strange coloured lines appear on the screen etc. I duly contacted the friendly guys at Humax and they said they would replace the faulty unit (I thought great service) , now that was on Jan 17th its now heading for TWO months and repeated calls and promises still NO REPLACEMENT.I am not a happy Humax customer.
    Perhaps an irate email to the MD is in order......Any ideas would be useful.

    Tue 5 Mar 2019 16:22:08 #3 |

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