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HDR_1100S with ShareCenter DNS-320L folder issue

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    Hi, I've got mt Humax HDR-1100S seeing my D-Link DNS-320L OK but I can't see the folder structure my video media is in.

    I have a network share called 'Media' setup and I have many videos in sub-folders within this folder.

    I have this 'Media' folder set as a Multimedia share and UPnP is enabled.

    When I choose 'Video' from the Humax media share menu, if I then choose videos I get a full list of all the video files and can view them ok but if I choose 'Folders' it says there is nothing there. Am I missing something to enable me to view my videos through the folder structure that they are in rather than a massive complete list?

    | Wed 10 Apr 2019 20:39:37 #1 |
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    Can't say I'm surprised. Years back I documented to Freesat/Humax a host of issues with the so called media player. They simply ignored them and banned me from the then Freesat-owned forum. I bought a stand-alone media player that did the job flawlessly.

    | Thu 11 Apr 2019 10:16:54 #2 |

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