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Humax 1100s keeps rebooting.

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    My Humax 1100s has suddenly got stuck in a cycle of rebooting itself. It was perfectly fine 2 days ago but now when I switch it on it goes through the boot up and I see the freeview logo come on, and then a few seconds where I can see the guide and the program but then the box switches itself off, and then turns itself on again. This cycle then just repeats. There is no time to use the remote to get to any settings. The hard drive spins up so that seems OK. Does anyone know how to stop the reboot cycle The HDD was replaced approx 2 years ago and has been fine till now. Some help would be greatly appreciated. I am unable to see what software version is on the box currently because of this problem

    | Fri 18 Mar 2022 18:55:45 #1 |


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    My guess is that the boot is hitting some untrapped error, possibly harddisk related.

    I would suggest:
    - removing the power for 10 mins, reconnecting to see if that makes a difference.
    - removing the power for 10 mins, opening the unit (screws hidden in legs) and disconnecting hard disk. Repower - does it boot now?
    - removing power for 5 mins and disconnecting LNB feees, repower, does it boot now?

    I think it is most proberly a disk problem and if so I would remove the drive, connect to a PC and delete all partitions, replace the drive in the 1100S and repower. Hopefully it will format it again without problem.

    Make sure that if you are going to open the unit you allow ample time for the capacitors power to drain. Best to disconnect power by removing power supply connection.

    | Sat 19 Mar 2022 8:57:02 #2 |

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