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Humax Aura recording wrong channel

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    I have my aerial towards Waltham from Spalding South lincs area. I tune the box for Waltham area TV but often when I come to look at the recording instead say bbc 1 on ch 1 it records bbc1 on ch 801 simular on itv1 ch3 comes as 803 ch the recording are badly broken
    801 and 803 tv channels are from Belmont antenna. I can't stop it from happening when it fancies. I have removed the offending channels from my list to no avail but can't delete them altogether

    | Sat 10 Feb 2024 14:03:38 #1 |
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    Do a retune on your box, it will say duplicate stations found, that should fix it

    | Sat 10 Feb 2024 16:02:09 #2 |
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    Do a full MANUAL tune of Watham (E.Mids) only.

    It's obviously also finding Belmont (York & E. Lincs) or Sandy Heath (Anglia) which is a different BBC and ITV region.

    Disable any auto channel / auto tuning update as the box will re-add the unwanteds overnight otherwise.

    | Sat 10 Feb 2024 17:17:21 #3 |

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