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    grahamlthompson - 1 minute ago  » 
    Humax have a help line for the camera clearly stated in the provided instructions.
    I had no problems in accessing the setup option on my box using it's IP address
    But I was unable to connect it to my router. Turned out the box doesn't like long passwords or characters that aren't alpha numerics.
    Once connected by WiFi you don't need a password. So why your box is asking for one before it has been setup would seem to indicate the box wasn't delivered in a default condition.
    Reset the box as in the instructions. You may have to change the password on your network, as I did for one of my dual band router outputs.

    Firstly, so as to avoid any confusion, when you refer to your "box" you are referring to a Humax Eye camera?

    "I had no problems in accessing the setup option on my box using it's IP address" - how did you do this please, was this via the IP address in a web browser, if not how?

    My camera is connected to my wifi, the password is a combination of lower case letters, upper case letters and numbers, but this isn't the camera, this is the Y Cam app, which is going to be different. The camera is linked to the app via Bluetooth, then it connects to the wifi, then the app connects to the camera over wifi, there is no direct access to the camera login via the app.

    It is setup and linked to the Y Cam app, it was brand new and setup out of the box by me, it does not need to be reset.

    If I go to a web browser, enter the IP address of the camera, I am prompted for a username and password. It does not accept the username or password blank.

    I have made contact with Humax UK support via the link in the user manual and await their reply.

    Wed 12 Jun 2019 10:17:01 #11 |

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