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Humax HDR 1000s /1010s intermittent power up issue

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    Hi and thank you to anyone who may be able to help ! I purchased the above box from Humax probably 7/8 years ago but it has had very little use ,it has always been fine turning straight on from the remote after being turned on at the wall socket , but lately it’s been dead ( no standby light on the box after turning on at the wall) I thought it was broken but after a few attempts at powering up from the wall the box will come to life ! And then everything works perfectly until Its put into standby and I turn it off , after this it is turned back on say the next night but no red standby light until I plug /unplug the power lead a few times until thered light appears on the front of the box ! The first thing o noticed about this issue was a reluctance to come out of standby after turning on at the wall it was as if the remote wasn’t working but upon pressing the power on button on the box itself it remained in standby mode ! Now it’s more reluctant to even power up !! Sorry to waffle on but trying to give an idea of the way it has declined ! Can’t understand why it’s A- not getting a red standby light after turning on and B- why it won’t come out of standby off the remote or the box button! Thanks for any help cheers !

    | Thu 21 Jul 2022 8:00:14 #1 |
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    Hi Fleabag,
    Welcome to the forum. The symptoms sound very much like problems my old Humax 1000s had. There is a known issue for this model. It was design fault and was replaced by 1100s model. It will need a repair and I would think it is not be cost affective. The main problem was the sata interface from hard drive to motherboard. A few years ago Humax did a repair/swap (mine was swapped over to newer model) but no longer provide service. Might be worth getting a quote from online repairer mentioned on forum.

    John L

    | Thu 21 Jul 2022 16:50:40 #2 |

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