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Intermittent lip sync issues on live Freeview

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    On the 12th April firmware thread GordyBoy reported lip sync issues on live Freeview, and I too have got this. I've not tied it to the latest firmware specifically, but I've been in the beta programme for a while and the issue has been there in varying degrees.

    I should note I am not posting that lip sync is always out; if that was the case I'd set the delay accordingly in the settings.

    This is lip sync which arises over the course of an evening's watching. Working fine in sync at the start, then perhaps watching a streaming service, then maybe a recording on the box, and turning back to the news at 10 and all freeview broadcasts demonstrating a sync issue.

    I've not mentioned it previously as it was tolerable (and I forget!) but would be worth understanding if this is a widely experienced issue at all?

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