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iPlayer crashes/system flush/CF/can't record

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    Hi there, I've been a Humax HD Fox T2 owner since it launched and have never had any problems, having installed CF and been able to archive programmes as well as boot to HDR software when the portal wasn't working. I'm currently running the latest CFW.

    Recently my iPlayer from the HD Fox T2 portal began crashing every time I tried to start a programme and became unusable.

    I ran the system flush software and reinstalled the CFW, but while I can play programmes already recorded on my external hard drive, I can't record to it as the Humax box asks me if I want to 'reformat it and use it for recordings' every time I switch it on.

    I had been using it to record on without any problems before the system flush. Nothing in the systems flush documentation alerted me to this problem!

    Is there a package in CFW I can use to force the box to record on my hard drive again?

    Can I do something from the web interface to stop my box asking to reformat my drive and to get it to record on my HD again?

    I read something about the e2fsprogs package on another post, but can't be sure that it is appropriate.

    I don't want to have to format it again as I'll lose all my recording!

    As a fallback I can use another external HD to record on and use my existing one as a static archive, but I'd rather not.

    Anyway, thanks for your help. It would be greatly appreciated.


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