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Is Aura a good box mainly for just for freeview?

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    Hi, I have asked before but after all the latest fw updates is the Aura a good box to now buy if you mainly just use it for freeview watching / recording?

    I have a 5000T which works ok but feels very slow at times.

    I would like to update to something that feels newer and faster but keep feeling a bit worried about a lot of reviews and i kknow there was a lot of initial issues, but have most been sorted?

    I would be using it with a Samsung Q85R TV with a Samsung Q90 Soundbar connected via the Arc port.

    Does the box suffer things like bad picture, breakups, not recording things it should, signal issues? I did read a lot of these things had been issues.

    It really is only the Aura i would consider as an upgrade due to being able to record 4 programmes at once.

    Any help would be great.


    | Thu 12 Aug 2021 20:10:38 #1 |
  2. Paul Bton

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    I would say it’s a good box now. Three tuners can record 4 programmes at once! Much faster than my previous 4000T. The last update improved it a lot. The picture is great. The catch up apps all work well. IPlayer’s UHD picture is great. The Guide is fast. Channel changing is fast.

    The Samsung you mention is 4K QLED. You’ll have to see if someone has that combo. I have a 4K LG LED and it’s great with that. YouTube videos in 4K look great. The Aura app actually works for remote recording etc.

    There were some early production Auras that seemed to have fluctuating signal that were replaced. There are a few little issues but I have never had a failed recording. The person who did have that issue had some sort of strange tuning issue

    There have been a few odd minor picture freezes but is due to be fixed by a forthcoming update or attenuator in short term.

    It’s great having the 2Tb model. Just loads of space. You Probably realise people on this forum are looking for problems so they can be fixed. Might give a misleading impression.

    | Thu 12 Aug 2021 23:44:01 #2 |

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