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Is it that bad?

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    There seems to be many negative comments about what is wrong with the Aura. There must be some out there who’ve had no issues? Would any care to share some good experiences?

    | Mon 23 Nov 2020 15:41:43 #1 |
  2. The Moog

    The Moog

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    I like it; lots faster and more responsive than my FVP-4000T, nice customisable home screen, well laid out EPG, nice feature set, and the recording and catch-up apps all work well for me.

    Like all PVR's I have ever owned from release though, there are some bugs. Mine will come out of standby with a picture but no sound. This is easily fixed by putting it back into standby and waking it up again, but clearly it shouldn't do this. I also can't get it to play local content using the Android TV Plex app, which I am keen to get working so I have a one-box media solution.

    I am prepared to put up with this for now with the hope that reporting these bugs and regular software updates will fix these problems. If you want a completely bug-free experience, I would suggest waiting for 6 months before buying one as all of these issues are ironed out.

    | Mon 23 Nov 2020 17:38:53 #2 |
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    I jumped in early and on the whole very impressed and pleased with the purchase.

    It's a very new product that has a few minor niggles, which I am sure will be sorted out by Humax over time. I've had a number of Humax products and each time they just get better.

    | Mon 23 Nov 2020 23:48:24 #3 |
  4. davidrew


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    I second The Moog.

    I've had the Aura two weeks and apart from a bit of an issue when the Freeview App updated during the initial set-up it has worked absolutely fine. It's not missed a scheduled recording, the interface is clean and modern, and the speed of the EPG, Navigation and players is very quick, its like night & day compared to the 5000T. I tried UHD His Dark Materials off iPlayer this evening and it didn't disappoint. Unlike The Moog I've had no sound issues, mine is connected via a Yamaha receiver.

    It's not perfect, there are a few navigation niggles and a few things that would improve it like being able to switch off the transparency on the recordings/schedule screen, it would improve the text clarity and be less distracting. I'm hoping that Humax will embrace customer feedback, like Manhattan do, and this will help improve the product.

    I have been a fierce critic of Humax's woeful support on the 4000T/5000T forum in the past and was seriously considering jumping ship to the Manhattan camp but, in my opinion, the Aura could be their saving grace provided they properly support and improve the platform.

    | Tue 24 Nov 2020 0:10:31 #4 |

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