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ITV Hub dropped from Humax FVP-5000T and FVP-4000T

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    29th Sept ITV Hub stops working on the above models. Inc TVs from Samsung,Sharp and Panasonic

    When we previously queried a Humax spokesperson about ITV Hub leaving their Freesat boxes, we were told that “Customers are currently being advised through email and their set-top boxes. If customers have any questions regarding their specific Humax device, our customer support team will be happy to help on 0344 318 8800.”

    We contacted Humax regarding the FVP-5000T being added to the list, and will update this article if they have more to add.

    Bearing in mind the 5000T is still being sold. Will Humax put stickers on the box saying that “ITV Hub no longer functions” prior to the sale? Not funny indeed

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