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Lightning strike

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    Depending if you have contents on your insurance, check your policy for coverage. My friend had a strike which took out the central heating control unit as well as a lot of other kit.
    The insurance paid based on kit age.

    Sun 10 Jun 2018 5:25:25 #11 |
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    Hi Repassac,

    Playing recordings from the old disk started OK & we watched 3 recordings and then we had a message stating there was a problem and nothing more played. Some recordings were showing 3 or more times their actual length, two had 12 hours or more. Nothing of real import to watch so have deleted them all.
    Insurance had a large excess, we are not in the UK, and the age was a factor too. "Acts of God" are an excuse used too.
    Thanks for your advice.
    Anyway new unit working well and have got used to the new layouts etc.

    Tue 12 Jun 2018 15:27:07 #12 |

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