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Lip synch testing using different replay options.

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    I have a fairly standard video recording file.

    File details 720p 1280 x 720. Video compression codec. Audio AAC (LC). Frame rate 25 fps. Container .mp4

    I copied it to a usb stick and put it in the usb hub connected to the Aura rear USB 3 port. I have also added same file to the plex server on my laptop.

    Aura output set to 1080p25.

    AVR audio delay 20ms

    Replay on aura via avr and using VLC.

    Tried playback using the Aura. Significant lip synch issues. Sound before lip movement.

    Playback on laptop using VLC or Splash no problems.

    Playback to Plex client on 4K firestick no problems.

    I did not have time to play with the Aura lip synch adjustments as both the Aura and the firestick will both use the AVR one a setting of zero should in theory produce the same result from both.

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