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Lockup last night

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    I am not sure what happened last night. We record Pointless each afternoon on BBC1, but each day this week it has, quite understandably, been replaced. Last night it was moved to BBC2 and I changed the schedule, but forgot to cancel the BBC1 recording.

    Suddenly, part way through, the box became completely unresponsive, while still showing the BBC1 programme. I got it back under control by turning off at the mains. Maybe a coincidence, but perhaps the change of EPG caused it somehow.

    So I have cancelled the series for now and have set up two daily manual recordings for BBC1 and 2, 1713 for 45 minutes then I just have to choose whichever is broadcast when we watch it after the news.

    Not looking for any advice, just posted for info.

    | Thu 19 Mar 2020 11:18:23 #1 |
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    Hmm, My box didn't wake up this morning and wouldn't respond to manual 'on' I had to unplug it and power up again.

    | Thu 19 Mar 2020 14:37:23 #2 |
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    Sometimes I think my box is unresponsive and then it decides to recover itself and process all those remote keypresses and get confused. I've had times where the P+/P- button does nothing, but you can change channel by keying in the LCN directly. (At the same time some other buttons do nothing).
    Other times it turns on when any key on any other remote is pressed. Very occasionally it won't turn on. It's a PITA, but the occasional unplug and power up is needed for this box.

    | Fri 20 Mar 2020 16:05:21 #3 |
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    I had this problem with random lock-ups and it was particularly annoying when you came back home after a few days (not so relevant at the moment!) and most of the recordings had failed.

    As there seemed no will for Humax to fix the firmware I now have a timer plug which is on for 23hrs 55mins and off for 5mins at 0200, in addition the box powers on at 0600 for 15mins on BBC1HD to update the EPG. I do not like hard resetting devices, especially those with hard drives, on a regular basis but it is the only way I can make it reliable.

    In the 9 months I have been running this set-up I have only had one failed day of recordings.

    | Mon 23 Mar 2020 17:09:32 #4 |

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