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Loss Of Sound

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    I hoping someone here can shed some light on this.

    My parents bought a refurbished HRD-2000T and they seem to be having some problems with it. Apparently they keep losing the sound to the system, requiring them to turn it off and wait a while before turning it back on. Apparently this sometimes solves the problem but other times they have to repeat the process.

    My Dad mentioned that the last time it happened they'd been recording something, so it may only be happening when they're recording. Can anyone advise? I thought it might be a power saving thing but I asked him to go through the settings and he couldn't find anything.

    Tue 26 Mar 2019 23:12:24 #1 |
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    Hi welcome to our forum. Pretty sure there is a firmware update to fix this issue,

    Let me have a bit of a search,

    Here you go 2 mins later,

    Tue 26 Mar 2019 23:43:06 #2 |
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    That issue was sorted out in an update but it took a firmware update to sort out another issue with this model. Its a well known issue usually at start up when the sound just doesnt register through the hdmi output.

    My advice though is take the unit back and get another model. Its never been right and there are several annoying faults with the design

    Wed 3 Apr 2019 20:53:33 #3 |
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    Thank you Graham. This has been bugging me for a while. I can't believe the answer to this problem was so high up on the topics board. I love the 2000t, I have 3 of them but only one has this problem and needs updating. @Minstrel SE, I don't find any annoying faults with this machine, I'd be really interested to know why you feels it's not so great.

    Thu 4 Apr 2019 16:52:26 #4 |

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