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  1. andyb63uk

    Andy B

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    I have 2 quick questions

    1. On start up, my 1100S starts on the last program that was on when switched off, but comes on on the Home / TV Guide and you have to press exit to get a full picture. Is there a way to stop this and have it come strait to full screen as it was on my Foxsat.

    2. Can I move the "Delete Series" away from the "Delete Episode" as deleting the series could easily be selected by mistake


    | Fri 13 Nov 2015 1:04:01 #1 |


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    The answers to both questions are no. Delete series does now ask you to confirm.

    The user interface on freetime models was designed by freesat.

    | Fri 13 Nov 2015 8:06:22 #2 |

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