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Migrating to the HDR-1000S from HDR FOX T2 with CF

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    Hi guys, HDR FOX T2 with CF user here migrating to or co-using the HDR-1000S.

    When watching a recording, the name of the programme being viewed scrolls on the display in the front of the 1000S.

    Is there a way to change this as the scrolling is extremely distracting.

    I believe there is no custom firmware for the 1000 series unless I am mistaken. I will sorely miss DetectAds and the layout of the T2. I will still use the T2 to record the Saorview channels but expect to slowly migrate usage to the 1000S due to the higher number of HD channels and channels in general on Freesat compared to the Freeview lite and Saorview service i receive on the T2.

    I've changed the mode on one of the boxes so they have separate remote controls but any other tips or tricks for a newbie or someone used to the T2 custom firmware?


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