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Need a new HDD or is it time for a new recorder?

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  1. Fixdit


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    I have had some success "repairing" Western Digital Hard Drives.
    About 5years ago the 320G drive failed in my Foxsat. As I had stored some Wedding videos on it I was desperate to recover them.
    All the usual methods failed so I carefully removed the circuit board on the drive, removing the screws holding it in place, taking care not to damage the ribbon cable to the disk motor gently lifting the board. The board has a built in connector to the head drive. A spray with IPA cleaner (not beer!) and a reassembly had it working again, all be it with a slightly broken file system. Recovered the files needed, then formatted, its still working in a USB caddy attached to the foxsat as extra storage. I have tried this on other failed WD drives with about a 75% success rate. This might be worth a try.

    Mon 11 Mar 2019 15:13:34 #11 |
  2. grahamlthompson


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    locky - 1 hour ago  » 
    Installed WD10EARS, no jumper and seems to be working. Only issue was that i couldnt resize photo/music, adjusted slider to 2gb, it formatted but still shows 25gb. Not sure if this is due to cfw 4.1.3.
    I gave up trying to repair the WD10EURX as it was going to take days.
    Is there a quicker way to try and repair drives?

    You have to elect to format both partitions before you can adjust the Music/Photo Partition.

    Mon 11 Mar 2019 15:47:20 #12 |
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    yes both partitions were selected. after using slider to reduce to 5gb and formating, the folder is says 25gb, after reboot it wanted to reformat and after that it the folder size was 5gb, but after another reboot it was back to 25gb.

    i think raydon indicates a possible issue at the end of this thread...

    Mon 11 Mar 2019 22:54:46 #13 |

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