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    Hello All.

    I am new to this site so thought that I would introduce myself.

    As a qualified Electronics Engineer and Humax enthusiast, I have worked with Humax boxes for many years and have gained a good knowledge and experience with them.

    I have joined this forum to help others with identifying and resolving issues and I have recently began my own small business doing electronics repairs of all varieties.

    The bulk of my work has been with Humax boxes particularly the HDR-1100S no power/recording issues/signal issues as well as many others.

    Please do get in touch if I can help in any way, whether its just for a chat or to arrange a repair. I am very keen to keep these boxes running and not ending up in landfill!


    | Wed 20 Dec 2023 22:46:04 #1 |
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    Welcome to the forums. Thank you for the offer and I'm sure your advice and experience will of value to our members.

    | Thu 21 Dec 2023 8:36:07 #2 |
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    Hi Matt

    I wonder if you can help. Our Freesat Humax box is quite old now, but generally works well until recently. When it's recording one channel it can't display any of the others, you can only watch the channel it is recording. All others say "no or bad signal". When the recording has finished, they all come back. Any idea why?

    | Sat 30 Dec 2023 9:12:47 #3 |
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    Can you do anything with the Aura box because Humax have given up

    | Sat 30 Dec 2023 20:19:35 #4 |
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    Perhaps you have some ideas with this one.

    I have an FVP 5000T which has a wi-fi problem. Setting up from factory defaults, it skips the wi-fi setup procedure and if I try to do it manually the screen message says the wi-fi network is not available, although it works with my Humax Aura and other devices (even the car outside 20 feet away through thick brick walls). Re-loading the software from a usb stick made no difference.

    I suspect the antennae boards or the wi-fi module they're connected to. Do you know if these are common to FVP 4000/5000T and HDR 1000/1100S? Could be a cheap 1000S with the hard drive problem will donate parts if they're common.

    | Thu 6 Jun 2024 12:27:35 #5 |
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    Hi batteryman,

    Don't have same pvr, but first thought is do you have Ethernet cable plugged in to PVR? If you do, unplug this first. Other factor could be with router/powerline adaptor (if used). Maybe try re booting router and run PVR setup again?

    Hope this helps. John L

    | Fri 7 Jun 2024 13:30:30 #6 |

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