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    Hi there,I have just purchased a freesat hdr 1100s 1gb and from turning it on it says no signal and even after doing a reset. The coaxial cable connectors look perfect to me, they have decent connectors, not like the cheap ones ive had in the past with fine copper wire hanging out. I got rid of sky a couple of weeks ago and got this as a replacement basically. I've also checked the dish and found nothing wrong. Any ideas would be really appreciated.

    Richard Mainstone

    | Fri 27 Aug 2021 23:29:24 #1 |


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    Admin: Please move to HDR-1100S. - Admin Edit: Done, thank you.

    The reset now limits your options somewhat as the no signal just means that it cannot lock on to the Freesat transponder, a signal frequency. If you had Sky Q with their dual port LNB it will need to be changed to a universal LNB.

    | Sat 28 Aug 2021 9:05:49 #2 |

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