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PVR9300T -Fixing Hard drive

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    Martin Liddle

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    davidshearer - 13 minutes ago  » 
    Where I am differing from all other contributors here is that I see a HDD in a PVR as "temporary storage "- a week a month maybe......Nothing life or business critical is or should be stored there - its for entertainment stuff - you cannot access the data from outside the machine environment or play the material...... Maybe a lot to do with copyright rather than technical issues

    But an awful lot of users do not view the content of the hard drive in the same way as you and get very upset at the prospect of losing a carefully created library of programs. I agree that it is foolish to hold data on any storage device without a backup but providing non destructive ways of recovering the data is of value.

    Thu 20 Jun 2013 10:07:13 #11 |
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    Can't fail to agree with you Martin on this last analysis of user behaviour....... Those of us who were brought up when HDD space was measured in Megabytes will always have a different perspective on storage .......



    Thu 20 Jun 2013 16:56:49 #12 |

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