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Recording Failures

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  1. Geoff_W


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    Last night my Aura had a complete 'Failed Recording' fest. I had it programed to record successive programmes on BBC One HD ('When Paddington met the Queen' and the film 'Paddington'); Channel 4 HD ('Lost Treasures of Rome' and 'Hitler: The Lost Tapes'); and also BBC Three HD (the film 'Insurgent').

    'When Paddington met the Queen' recorded 3 minutes and cut off before the end. The film 'Paddington' recorded 53 minutes and then stopped. 'Lost Treasures of Rome' recorded 50 minutes and then stopped, and the film 'Insurgent' had two failed recordings with zero minutes. All the recordings were marked with the 'Failed Recording' symbol with the reason given as a power failure. I was not aware of any power failure during the evening (not even a dip on the lights).

    Possibilities to consider: earlier in the evening I had been watching Channel No. 601 and the Aura was left on this channel. At the time the recordings were supposed to happen I was watching a film through iPlayer but directly off the TV, not the Aura.

    I've never had any difficulty recording 3 simultaneous programmes in the past, even when the channels were spread across a mix of multiplexes, both HD and SD. So I have no idea what happened. I'm just hoping that tonight's mix of BBC One, BBC Two and ITV all recording at the same time manages to work, or else I'll be hammering the Catchup apps. Fingers crossed!

    | Sun 18 Sep 2022 15:57:43 #1 |
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    Program scheduling is very fluid at the moment with the guide changing so much due to the Royal Coverage.

    Things should settle down to normal in the next few days.

    | Sun 18 Sep 2022 18:48:29 #2 |
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    I've been having that problem also on the fvp 5000t went to be watch a to programme on Thursday , there was nothing in recordings yet there were 28 programmes, Abby time I try and record every one is broken recordings. It's started at 0 end is available 0 or only for 1 min . I reset to factory settings & format hdd. Still the same. Was bought in Dec , but only recently starting using it . Waiting word back from humax .

    | Mon 19 Sep 2022 6:45:34 #3 |
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    I am sure all PVRs will be working fine again in a few days, once ‘normal’ schedules resume.

    This is a pretty exceptional time at the moment.

    | Mon 19 Sep 2022 13:04:52 #4 |
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    It is indeed.

    God save the Queen

    Long live the king

    | Mon 19 Sep 2022 15:59:32 #5 |

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