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Recordings moved to portable HDD lost

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    Even after 2-odd years of ownership, the FVP400T never fails to disappoint.

    I've often moved an SD recording from the FVP4000T to a 500GB portable hard disk using the USB port but never tried a bulk transfer.

    I've just tried to move 40 SD episodes of a series to the portable HDD and although I selected all the episodes, when I checked on the Humax and then on the disk only the first 4 had actually moved, so I plugged the portable back in and during the course of yesterday and last night I selected and moved 4 copies at a time without unplugging the HDD.

    You all know what's coming, of course! Yep, although the Humax shows that all the recordings have been moved, the damn thing is obviously re-initialising the HDD each time and deleting/overwriting all the previous recordings, even though all the file names are unique, before starting the transfer of the next 4.

    So, after all that, I have ended up with the last 4 episodes and all the rest have gone forever. Great!


    | Wed 3 May 2017 8:29:54 #1 |
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    Yep - I lost loads of recordings when transferring to external.
    It took hours to transfer, then found about a third missing.
    On top of that, some of the recordings wouldn't play after transfer.
    I've been disappointed with this kit since day one.
    Just received a new Remote,,,,, but even that plays up.
    I wish Topfield had bought out another machine !

    | Sun 4 Jun 2017 23:43:51 #2 |

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