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Replaced remote does not work: help needed

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    Yes, I found the same problem - the cheap (in my case Ebay sourced) remote controls only appear to work on mode 1.
    My foxsat-hdr was stuck in mode 2 so it didn't work. Eventualy resolved with another Humax remote control.

    | Sun 29 May 2022 18:17:32 #11 |
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    Great. Pity that isn't documented. My fully working remote is such an improvement!

    | Mon 30 May 2022 7:17:03 #12 |
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    The Humax made remotes can be set up to use 1 of 6 modes.
    The default is "mode 1".
    It is possible that someone changed the original, remote and your FVP-4000T', to use one of the other 5 modes.
    Cheap copy remotes normally only work with "mode 1".

    You cant use a cheap copy remotes aren't a good idea if you have more than Humax as they would all be controlled at the same time

    | Mon 30 May 2022 7:22:35 #13 |
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    MyHumax1 - 2 mnths ago  » 
    You are a star!
    When my original remote was playing up I changed the mode. It worked better on 3 and later on 4. Have used it to change it to 1 an the new one now works fine!! Didn't know the cheap ones default to Mode 1 only

    I had the exact same experience a while back. 2 replacement remotes failed to work properly and then I remembered I had changed the Mode. Back to Mode 1 and all worked OK.

    | Tue 2 Aug 2022 20:35:50 #14 |
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    The original RM03 had a few problems and was replaced by the RM08.
    The first two iterations of this also failed within a few months!
    Humax then sourced a revised remote and that always seemed to work.
    If you get more trouble try a new original remote direct from Humax.

    | Fri 5 Aug 2022 10:19:31 #15 |

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