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    Here's someone else with similar issues MTU

    Wed 27 Nov 2019 14:02:36 #21 |
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    Well I finally got it to work. I used MTU checker to determine what MTU I was getting from BT Infinity. It showed a maximum MTU of 1484. I think this is lower than the default as the connection is PPPoE. Subtracting 40 bytes (20 bytes each for IP & TCP headers) I then set MSS clamping to 1444.
    Bingo, it works. No idea why the Humax box needed this set, whereas nothing else did.

    I have run a wireshark trace of my FVP. Consistently, the HUMAX sends a SYN packet with MSS set at 1460. Now I don't yet fully understand the details but I imagine that your diagnosis is consistent.
    I suspect that there may be two different reasons why some find internet access troublesome. I can't understand why clearing cookies would help with this MTU size problem.
    Does anyone know what clearing cookies actually does?

    Fri 29 Nov 2019 16:45:56 #22 |

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