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Schedule - Old Programmes Clean-up?

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  1. davidrew


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    Now I may have imagined this but I'm sure I read somewhere that the Aura keeps up to 13 weeks of finished programmes at the end of the scheduled list. This allows for a series with the same CRID code restarting and it will be rescheduled again, also covers series that are not weekly so are not always in the EPG.

    I've had my original Aura for over a year and the finished list is getting longer and longer with no apparent clean-up, but maybe I'm thinking of my original 5000T which I'm sure did manage the list?

    Anyone any idea or is it a manual delete job?

    | Thu 13 Jan 2022 17:18:22 #1 |
  2. woodbar


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    Very interesting point - I would like to know that as well because there is a "shed-load" of out of date and finished items in my schedule list.

    My Enigma 2 DVR has a simple "Clean-up" button! It also stays on the item you have just watched in the playlist so a quick shove on "Red" deletes it without confirmation and if you do change your mind you can find it and re-instate it from the trash folder. The Aura always goes back to a.n.other program in your list, either 1,2 or 3 rows up usually, but if you are not paying close attention and jab "Red" then Enter then your other unwatched program is gone forever - neat! You still have the one you just watched though.

    Do the development guys actually ever use their own products? Seems unlikely from the Aura UI disaster!

    | Sun 30 Jan 2022 0:32:06 #2 |
  3. Geoff_W


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    It would appear that the only way to get rid of expired schedules is to use the red button to delete them manually. Personally, I get rid of them asap unless I know the programme will return in the near future.

    Regarding anomalies, I don't understand why under Recordings, recordings display immediately but schedules require you to press the OK button. I agree with @woodbar that the lack of a trash folder is a silly omission.

    | Sun 30 Jan 2022 12:35:35 #3 |

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