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Solving HDR-1100s running hot

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    The CPU (processor) running hot after a long(er) period is nothing new on PCs or laptops.
    And since the HDR-1100s also has a CPU, I was not surprised at it running hot as well.
    Solution: refresh the thermal paste between CPU and heatsink.
    To do that, just remove 1 screw and push 5 clamps aside

    To fully see how HDR-1100s can be opened, watch this:
    Once the top is off, remove the 3 screws from the black heatsink

    Wiggle it a bit, lift it up, turn it over and put it aside

    You can now see the CPU with the dried-up thermal paste

    Use a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol (or better: Isopropyl-Alcohol 91%) to clean off the dried-up thermal paste

    Apply a decent thermal paste (such as Noctua NT-H1 or Arctic MX-4).
    You only need paste in the size of about 1-2 rice-corns.
    Spread that evenly on the top of the CPU, using e.g. a credit card

    Put the heatsink back on with the 3 screws.
    Put the top back on and press on all corners until you have heard all the ‘clicks’.
    Put the screw back in on the back-panel.
    That’s it.

    The heart of the HDR-1100s is a Broadcom BMC7356, 1300 MHz dual-core CPU.

    In earlier units, they used the older Radial electrolytic capacitors, in the HDR-1100s they use newer SMD electrolytic capacitors on the motherboard

    Should you ever need to replace them, they are available e.g. here: (no connection!) in Hull.
    These are the (SMD-)ones used:
    2 each: 220uF 16V SMD Electrolytic Capacitor, Ref Code: 353040

    1 each: 100uF 25V SMD Electrolytic Capacitor, Ref Code: 481491


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