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TV is turning Humax on, though I've told it not to

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    I'm sporadically seeing issues where turning my TV on will bring the Aura out of standby. I previously had turned HDMI-CEC off on the Humax and I checked this is still the case.

    Is there some other setting I need to look at on Aura/TV is this perhaps a known bug I should live with?


    | Tue 25 Oct 2022 16:41:13 #1 |
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    I've had similar problems with a different model (5000T). My tv doesn't even have CEC but sometimes tv on causes Humax on. Never got to the bottom of the problem and I suspect you won't with the Aura. Probably best to live with it.

    | Fri 28 Oct 2022 14:22:03 #2 |
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    Thanks Phil. I've seen a couple of similar things like when I turn the Auro on, sometimes it comes on for ~10s (Live TV is shown, blue LED), then turns off (red LED) for a couple of moments, then turns back on.

    I can live with this as long as the Humax does not turn the TV on. I think that works fine, it's important because initially when using the app to stream off the Aura it was causing the TV to turn on and startle people!

    I am partly wondering if my remote(s) are part of the issue. I very deliberately didn't do the remote setup to let it control my TV as I wanted 2 separate remotes while I got used to the system, but some controls on my TV/Aura remote still seem to be cross-compatible anyway.

    Minor issues and I won't put too much time into it beyond the obvious things. Could be a simple firmware bug.
    I know people are cynical about new firmware but is there an official place to lodge such bugs?

    | Fri 28 Oct 2022 14:28:42 #3 |
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    I too, have CEC switched off and have also not set up the remote. When the Aura is in standby recording, if I bring it out of standby it will switch on my Sony TV. So I normally just put the TV on first, then the Aura. Strangely, even though the remote is not set up I can control Volume and Mute on my Marantz NR-1711 AV Amp. Curiously, if I set the Aura Audio Output to 'Home Cinema via HDMI up to 7.1ch', then I cannot control Volume and Mute. Control only works with 'Optical or HDMI ARC up to 5.1ch'. I only connect the Aura -> AV -> TV by HDMI cables.

    | Sat 29 Oct 2022 11:23:57 #4 |

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