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Using a One for All Remote with two Humax Boxes.

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    Hi Guys,

    If (like me) you have a One for All Simple 3, Simple 4, or Infinity Universal Remote Control and more than 1 Humax box, you might find the information below useful.

    It is collated from a number of emails I have received from One for All Technical Support.

    As you will be controlling two PVRs the first thing required is to change the DVD mode on your URC to PVR mode.

    1. Hold down the SETUP key, the light will blink twice..
    2. Enter the code 992,the light will blink twice.
    3. Press once the Source dev key (PVR)
    4. Press once the Destination device key (DVD) the light will blink twice.
    5. You can now program a PVR code on DVD.

    Here are the codes for the different modes for Humax Model: HDR1100S

    • PVR 2443 (mode 1 default mode)
    • PVR 2967 (mode 2)
    • PVR 2968 (mode 3)
    • PVR 2969 (mode 4)
    • PVR 2970 (mode 5)
    • PVR 2961 (mode 6)

    Before you can configure the codes on your URC the codes from Mode 2 through to Mode 6 need to be downloaded into your URC from the link provided below :

    Full details for downloading etc are provided on the link, you will need your One For All Remote and it's USB cable.

    I understand that these codes only work with URC6430, URC6440, URC7990 and URC7991 Remotes.

    Hopefully this information will be useful.

    If you have any questions, I "might" be able to help.

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