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Video freezing on SD Channels

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    Thank you foe the explanation about the tuners

    | Mon 4 Jul 2022 21:32:38 #11 |
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    Hi! I am a new member of the Forum. I joined specifically because I have the same issue with video freezing on a FVP-5000T.

    I have now discovered that the issue is heat related. I would suggest that if you have the problem again, blow cool air onto the FVP-5000T using a desk fan (or perhaps a hairdryer set to cold) and see if the situation improves. Make sure that the vent slots underneath the FVP-5000T are not blocked (which might occur if the unit is installed on a soft surface) and maintain clear airflow around the unit.

    As a temporary measure, I have placed a very small fan underneath the FVP=5000T below the ventilation slots and am extracting the hot air from the box. When I do this, the freezing video issue clears within seconds!!

    Note that the audio channels do not appear to be affected. Also, the issue affects playback or live TV only (i.e. when I watch the recording of the SAME show where freezing was seen, the video is perfect while the box is cool.

    I am going to further investigate this issue, as the device is not performing properly at normal ambient temperatures. I will report any further findings here if I discover any other significant information.

    | Wed 3 Aug 2022 14:23:56 #12 |
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    Many thanks for your detailed reply. I have already installed a signal attenuator and that seems to have cured the problem.

    | Wed 3 Aug 2022 18:41:38 #13 |

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