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Watching recorded files in other rooms

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    Slightly off topic, but I've found I can use the Playstation 4's media player app to stream SD recordings from the 4000T, but HD recordings aren't shown in the list. I'm assuming this is a file format issue, but does anyone know if it's something I can change via the settings on either box (or if HUmax are planning a Playstation app!)?

    | Tue 29 Dec 2015 12:32:50 #11 |
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    I'm just starting with a new FVP-4000T and using DLNA can 'see' all the recorded programmes from my Windows 10 PC over our wifi network. The SD recording show as MPEGs and I can VIEW them using Windows Media Player, but no sound!! I haven't started on the HD recordings yet!
    I've tried various alternatives (e.g. VLC) and this gives picture and sound BUT insists on downloading the whole video to the PC before starting to play (several minutes over wifi). Media Player starts straight away - but I can' persuade it to give me sound.
    Have read things about Codecs (without much understanding!) and have downloaded a Codec Pack which installed Media Player Classic Home Cinema - but like VLC this insists on downloading the whole recording to the PC before starting to play - but it does give me sound.
    Any thoughts from you boffins out there?

    | Sat 2 Jan 2016 22:28:28 #12 |
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    giverny - 1 week ago  » 
    I use the Live TV app on mobiles & tablets which works fine for both live TV and reccordings. I have a new Samsung Smart TV (DLNA compliant) in another room and that can see the Humax & play recordings across the home network fine. The only irritant with the mobile app is there doesn't seem any way that you can control the play of recordings (e.g. pause, fast forward etc) nor at the moment can I find a way to cast what is "live" on the humax to a mobile device e.g. a recording so that the humax and device are in sync ?
    Samsung had an app that did this allowing you to cast the live display from the Samsung to your mobile but bizarrley they have dropped this great feature.
    There are some great features in this Humax box but quite a few things I don't like e.g. the UI (compared to the PVR9300 I was using).

    Is it possible to play HD recordings from the Humax over the home network using DLNA? I would like to be able to play HD recordings from the Humax using DLNA on a TV (LG 32LF650V) in another room, but when I asked Humax if this was possible they said that it was not possible with HD recordings.

    | Wed 6 Jan 2016 21:03:46 #13 |
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    Must admit, hadn't appreciated I couldn't play HD recordings on mobile / tablet / Samsung TV until tried it tonight - that is a limitation and potential reason for recording in SD or even duplicating the recordings in both SD and HD (the benefit of 3 tuners !!).

    | Wed 6 Jan 2016 21:55:13 #14 |

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