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What CPU/Memory does the 4000T & 5000T have?

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    Could the perceived progressive slowing up in performance be either progressively more recording being stored on the HDD, or even some sort of reverse placebo effect (insofar as you are expecting it to be slower, so it 'will be')?

    Mon 15 Jun 2020 9:43:37 #11 |
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    Definitely not the number of recordings as I personally don't store that many. Placebo maybe but that doesn't explain the lack of action from the catch up players. It feels to me that something is hogging the limited RAM that these players have, thus slowing everything down.

    Mon 15 Jun 2020 14:45:10 #12 |
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    I already have workarounds to power reset the box every 24 hours to avoid days of missed recordings when the box hangs, and another to ensure the EPG is updated daily.

    Whilst I accept that the box can be unresponsive and slow to react to the remote control, I am surprised that you need to do this. I never need to resort to these measures to keep the EPG updated and ensure reliable recordings. However I have discovered, by trial and error, that it is very useful to run the media server - in my case between 6:00am and midnight. I also have the Samba and FTP servers on. This seems to keep the box alive - and importantly keeps the network connection alive. In my case this seems to allow enough time for the EPG to be updated during the 20 minute startup before a scheduled recording. I don't think I can recall a failed recording in the last 12 months. Worth a try?
    I agree that the catch-up services are very slow to load (except Netflix) but so they can be with other catch-up players (eg my Firestick which is quite old). I have spent many hours watching and recording network traffic with Wireshark and it does seem that slow start up is down, in many cases, to slow responses from the remote servers (there are very many!) - and many rejected packets causing frequent re-trys. That issue may well of course be down to poor network implementation in the FVP but it is very difficult to isolate specific issues as much of the network traffic is encrypted. The interaction with remote servers seems excessively complicated but no more so than with my Firestick.
    The only function that used to work but now doesn't is remote recording. But as I am confined to barracks at the moment that is a problem for another day.

    Mon 15 Jun 2020 16:20:29 #13 |
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    This page has some of the tech specs for the 4000t, including memory.

    Tue 23 Jun 2020 22:30:38 #14 |

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